Cleaning The Engine Bay of a MGB GT

The car’s engine bay isn’t an trouble-free portion to tidy.  You may think steam cleaning but this will only be a waste of time and you might accidentally infuse water into the electrical wires and bullet connectors. You have to wipe out the dirts, greases and gunks that already deposited on the engine. After you finish detailing, the engine will look like it’s new.

An engine bay is the space where the engine is placed. It is usually located under the bonnet or hood of a car. When a car has not been detailed for a couple of years can be in pretty bad shape. It will need cleaning and restoring. To clean it up , you will be using a couple of products including an engine degreaser and brushes. It is best to use wheel detailing brushes together with finer makeup brushes to be able to get in the small cracks.

Whenever you are working on a car, you want to use the right product and properly apply it. For cars that are really dirty, it is best to use a strong degreaser that can remove all the grease on it. There are usually two types of degreaser – original and heavy duty.

When you are working on an engine, you want to take a look at what you’re working with before you start the cleaning process. You have to familiarize yourself first with the different wires and kinds of tubes. Be careful not to get hit with a power washer.

Listed below are the steps on how to clean the engine bay of a MGB GT. The good news is – you don’t even have to remove the engine at all.

Step 1

Spray on the areas that you want to clean using a degreaser. Get a brush and agitate all the important areas. Make sure that you are not missing out on those dirty and heavy areas. Afterwards, spray it with a power washer.

Be extra careful when you are using a power washer to clean your engine bay. You must not damage any battery connections, wires, cables and tubes because it is expensive to have it repaired. The important parts of your engine bay are the power steering hoses and brake boosters. Try not to be aggressive on the air intake. You will also be working on the hood.

Step 2

Using a mother’s wheel brush, you start agitating the engine to get all those gunks out. Make sure that enough of the product is applied. The power steering area is a chamber where all the fluid is stored. It is a sensitive are so you need a smaller brush to clean it.

The metal parts under the hood should be cleaned with stiff bristle brushes. Start by using plastic bristles and if you think they are not aggressive enough to remove the dirt then you can use brass bristles.

Make sure that all the nooks and crannies are agitated with a throwaway paintbrush before you hose off everything. This process may be messy but it will take care mostly of the bulk of grime that has settled on your engine.

Step 3

After making sure that everything is rubbed and scrubbed, you can now rinse it using a power washer. Once you have dried it properly, check the engine again for spots that you may have missed.

Step 4

Clean off the engine with an electric blower. You may want to repeat the process again for extremely dirty engine bays.

Step 5

After making sure that your engine is completely clean, you can also put engine dressing on the spots that you want such as the engine cover.


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